Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Organic Certification UK5

Product Specs: 270 mesh. Ideal for making juice easily

Can not wait the fresh young plant to grow and to juice it? Well, we are not surprised. A watched pot never boils! Then in this case wheatgrass powder is your good choice. There are generally two types of such powder: coarse-grounded, and finer-grounded. The measurement of powder is called "mesh". Finer-grounded powder is used for making juice/drinks, usually it measures around 250 meshes. The coarse-grounded powder is mainly used for making capsules or pills, usually it measures around 130 meshes.

To make wheatgrass powder manufacturers first carefully select the tender leaves. They will not leave it for long. All manufacturing process will be finished within 20-30 minutes after harvest. Manufacturers will first clean it. Then they will dry it. There are different ways to dry it but they definitely don't use high temperature because it will damage the nutrious content. The young leaves can eitehr be freeze dried, or be dihydrated using microwave. Then how can we turn it into powder? Use a grinder to grind it? Definitely NOT! The way for turning these dried leaves into powder is a very tender process. The dihydrated leaves are first put into low temperature (e.g. 0C5C) environment, then they will be blowed by air current and broken/grounded into super fine powder. Manufacturers will also use ozone, microwave or steaming approaches to kill bacteria. Nowadays many manufacturers use Japanese equipments and technologies to make such powder. This manufacturing technology is mature enough such that it can keep the nutrients to the maximum. In fact one tablespoon of this powder has the nutritional equivalent of a dark green leafy vegetable salad.

By comparison it is easier to store dried powder than juice. Usually dried wheatgrass powder can have long shelf life (for example, up to two years). It can be either bottled or bagged. But don't expose your powder under strong sunlight. After taking portions out of the bag or bottle, please seal it to prevent moisture from coming into the bottle or bag. In addition, it is not suitable to use hot water (e.g. water over 40C), as hot water will destroy significant amount of nutrients

Usually it is recommended to have your wheatgrass powder at breakfast. Take 1-2 tea spoon powder from the bag or bottle, then put it in cold water or lukewarm water and stir it up. Do you expect it to taste like apple juice/orange juice/pineapple juice? That is not true, as its sugar content is low. So you can also mix it with fruit juice, honey, milk, or smoothies to suit for individual specific taste, and will barely even notice the presence of this powder. Enjoy it!

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